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Photographer or Videographer - Which one or both?

It goes without saying you will always need to book a photographer to capture every moment, however sounds cannot be captured like your vows and your wedding music or the laughter.


I am sure you have heard this from friends or relatives. "I so wish we could of had a videographer as well as a photographer to do our wedding"


The reason why you hear this is usually down to one thing.......Cost!


Yes videography is expensive and quite rightly too. As a photographer i know first hand how much work goes into shooting the whole day and making sure i'm in the right place to capture every moment, but also i know how much work goes into editing all the images after.


Videography is a whole different kettle of fish and takes hours and hours to master and even longer to edit, hence the extra cost. But boy is it worth it.


Therefore it is worth investing in both as this day cannot be treasured in the same way without them.





How many times have you heard of videographers and photographers arguing about getting in each others way?


Consider finding a company that offer both packages like us, usually this means both services have worked with each other before and can concentrate on capturing your day instead of arguing.


Nothing spoils your big day quicker than a conflict between suppliers.



Personality does it matter?

Getting along with your photographer is just as important as how good they are. If you don't feel comfortable with them don't book them otherwise you will be spending your day running the other way every time they approach you instead of enjoying the moment.

Chances are your friends will also not enjoy this person either.


So make sure you spend some time in the consultation to get to know your photographer. 

Shoot list

Right from the get go we always supply our bride & groom with a questionnaire to fill out. This is mainly to help us understand the plan of the day, and any special photo opportunities we could otherwise miss. This also includes a shoot list which has proven to be very useful for the couple but extremely helpful to us to ensure we spend particular attention to the list in order to secure the bond with our couple so they can walk away even more happy with the final photos they received.